If confession is good for the soul,

here you have it.

I simply don’t want to do this alone.  I wasn’t supposed to be diving alone, not how I envisioned learning,  not how I envisioned chasing rubber torpedo’s in the water,  none of it. Yesterday, as I prepared for an event, I pulled this out of my folder.  When I saw this post on Michelle’s fb page, I cried.   I never thought it would be ‘me’.  It is me.  It was such a good reminder that yea, IT IS ME! fbscreen
I also needed to find something buried in my fb messages and ran across this from a dear friend: “I heard you panicked…just get back on the horse. You are stronger than you think.” Thank you, Star, for being my Christopher Robin. Since my epic melt down, I’ve been back and have put my tank together by myself (without any explosions), wrewinnie-the-pooh-quotes1stled the entire contraption out of the water, can pop my ears, clear my mask, and lose my ‘life support system’, all the while feeling rather accomplished. And alone.

I re-listened to my pod cast with Drew Myers from Defining Audacity.  (pod cast link, if you’d like to listen). Thank you, Drew, it helps keep me remembering where I am!
I am re-focused on May, and going into it with a pretty full calendar, but, I WILL find the time, because I want to – to get back in the pool again!  My friend Linda said, if you want to do it, you’ll find the time.  So, here’s to staying focused, carving out scubamethe time, staying scheduled, and getting back in the water.  Not because I ‘have’ to – but, because I ‘want’ to!

Thanks for following me along on this
wild journey!

Growing in Grace,
Laura B.



Holy Week ~

As we approach perhaps the most eventful day on the calendar in all of Christendom, I am struck with some thoughts.

Yesterday’s sermon was relevant and to the point for Christians, timelesstruthsyet there are timeless truths found within it that can apply to anyone of any faith.  Just five small things that you can do. Take just five days to start.

A small caveat ~ King David plucked five smooth stones from the brook and with them slayed a giant, and conquered a nation. (I Sam. 17:40). What giant is facing you, and with these five small principles can be slain?

1) Monday ~ A prayer of Thanksgiving for ten things.  Surely, you have ten things for which you are thankful?

2) Tuesday ~ Two for Tuesday. Compassion. Find two people you can serve.  Just two ~ in any way.  Can you take your neighbor a meal, offer to drive them to the store, pay a bill for someone in need?

3) Wednesday ~ Evaluate and Value. Think of five things that you value.  Then, consider, are they valuable to God?

4) Thursday ~ Spiritual Connection. Spend extra time alone in prayer/meditation/worship today.

5) Friday ~ Reconciliation. Do you need to forgive someone? Is there someone from whom you need to seek forgiveness?

We all have our struggles.  For some spending time alone in prayer or meditation may be where your struggle is, or being thankful?

When we look at these, and if we consider the last week of Christ on earth – they all mirror his week.  His prayer was not for Himself – even when he begged of the Father to remove the cup from Him, Christ was content to go to the Cross.

He was compassionate.  In the garden, he healed the soldier’s ear after it was whacked off by Peter.

His sweat turned to blood as He prayed for us that Friday night.

He carried our burdens to the cross so we could experience that reconciliation between us and God.

Whether you agree with my position on Christ or not really isn’t the point of today’s blog. No matter where you are on life’s journey, I would think you can identify somewhere with at least one of the points made above.

Please take 6 minutes out of your day to watch listen to this song. (My apologies on the ad)

The Stand

Have a blessed week.

Growing in Grace,
Laura B.
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Oh! Oh! Summer Glow!

There aren’t enough words to say how much I absolutely LOVE Beautycounter’s Glow Sugar Scrub! Words almost escape me.  Almost.  Here in the wildly winter Midwest, it is time to get our feet, legs and elbows ready for that summer sun! It’s been a wild one!  My lovely town boasted #1 worst city for winter this year.  Wow – what an honor! Making it CERTAINLY time to get my summer glow going!

Made with only the finest ingredients, (really, check out our ingredient policy standards), organic brown sugar; Sweet Almond Oil; Sunflower Seed Oil; Lemon Peel Oil and the list goes on.  All synergistically formulated to not only scrub away and sluff off all that old, dead, nasty, dry skin from your feet and other rough areas, it’s formula also puts an incredible amount of moisture back into your skin!

After you are done scrubbing your feet, legs, arms, shower it all away.  glow Oh, I know that sounds crazy, right?!?? All those nice, emollient-rich oils soothing and hydrating your skin, you want me to wash it away?  No, it doesn’t wash away.  It leaves your skin positively GLOWING!

You may be wondering, what is so special about Sweet Almond Oil? It is a fantastic moisturizer and lubricant that prevents the skin from drying and keeps it free from cracking.  It’s also a rich source of Vitamin E, and with regular use will reduce wrinkles and keep your skin younger looking. Truly, don’t we want our legs looking healthy and glowing?
The Citrus Fruit oils have a very calming effect on the skin, making them a fantastic addition to our Glow Sugar Scrub.  The sugar crystals in our scrub are simply the perfect size for working off that old skin.  My typical routine (in the warmer months) is to sit outside and scrub my feet, paying very close attention to my heels, my toes, ankles and up to my knees.  Yes, your knees get dry and cracked too!  I really made a ritual out of it!  Spend the time on yourself! You deserve it!  After a good scrub, I will rinse off with the hose, simply to not have the lose, dead skin following me inside.  Then, I just take my shower, and enjoy the rich feel of pampered, healthy, glowing skin! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, what could be better?  Buy it for your mom, or buy it for you!  You deserve it!  Not only do you deserve it, you can rest knowing that your skin is getting beautiful the healthy way!  At Beautycounter, we don’t hide behind labels – we tell you the TRUTH about your skin care!

Growing in Grace,
Laura B.
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What’s Inside?

What IS inside? Inside of what?  This blog is about “What’s Inside” your personal care products.  Are there chemicals lurking inside your personal care products?

Thankfully, people are waking up to the simple fact that personal care products contain many things that are toxic.  26secondsWe now know that twenty-six seconds is all it takes for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream.  We know that parabens are cancer-causing agents.  We know that sulfites aren’t safe either (but we sure like the bubbles they make in our shampoo). Americans are becoming wiser and wiser about their personal care products, and that is great news!

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the chemicals in not only their personal care products, but also in their cleaning products.
However, I wonder does the average person really ‘know’ or still trusting mass media (advertising campaigns) to educate us?

For instance, this bad boy di-hydrogen monoxide (DHMO for short), can kill you if inhaled; can cause severe burns; is used as a solvent in industrial cleaning; causes erosion of our natural resources, yet, it is used widely in our personal care products.

Say-whatAcetic Acid mixed with DHMO has not only been a cleaning agent for years, but, popularly used in food preservation! Some even put it on their skin! SAY WHAT??!??  Scary, isn’t it?  Mixing acid with DHMO to clean and preserve food sources?  What’s next?

How about this one? Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides.  Good gravy.  I wonder, what’s next? Folks are using this one to clean their faces.

(I promise, just a couple more, and then I’ll get to my point).  Here’s another: para-hydroxybenzoic acid.  Yup, yet another in our skin care.  Last one, I promise! Diisostearyl Malate.  Oh. Sweet. Lands! Yes, this is in skin care also.

This is a  very, very short list of chemicals used in our PSC products .  My question is, can you spot the one that is toxic and should NEVER be used in any PSC product? Perhaps you can, but, if not, here you go:

Di-Hydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) = Water. bags
Acetic Acid mixed with (DHMO) = Vinegar.
Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides = Coconut oil.
para-hydroxybenzoic acid = Parabens (YUCKKY!)
Diisostearyl Malate = skin conditioning emollient.

I love doing what I do; educating families on SAFE skin care. Teaching them to know What’s Inside every bottle of PSC products.  I am love being partnered with a Beautycounter, whose mission is to bring safe skin care to every household.

Before you purchase your next bottle of lotion, shampoo, shaving cream, etc., I would challenge you to print out a copy of our NEVER LIST and take it to the store with you.  Better yet, contact me on how you can become part of the change.  Beautycounter has partnered with three trusted not-for-profit organizations that are committed to changing the laws to make sure that every bottle contains the truth about the ingredients.

The topic is, “What’s Inside”? At Beautycounter the TRUTH is inside!

It’s time for you to KNOW EVERYTHING! (Take the time to watch this short, two-minute video.)

Let’s chat ~

Growing in Grace,
Laura Beck
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On death, dieing and the living

My, it has been a while since I’ve blogged, has it not?  Yes, yes – it has.  The days, weeks and months slip past, and before you notice, you are in a brand new year. Autumn time Often one doesn’t even recognize it happens, however, time marches on.

I have learned quite a bit over the past several months, and that is truly the point of this blog.

Death and dieing are a couple of topics that seem hard to discuss.  Though, we all know that death is truly a part of living; we seem to ignore it, don’t want to think about it, hope we die before we get old, and all of that.  The problem with that line of reasoning is that simply isn’t the reality of death.  The reality is, that, yes, it is very hard to reason with, because we don’t want to watch a loved one slip away, or all of a sudden be taken from this life, and we don’t want to look at our own mortality. But, come it will.

I’ve learned a few things over the past few months.  I hope that the things I’ve learned can prepare you if you find yourself in similar circumstances.

1) Take off your cape. superwoman-entrepreneur-flyingYou are NOT superwoman.  You cannot do it all.  You might think you can, but, I’m hear to tell you, you can’t.  In other words, if you are dealing with a life altering situation, shove your pride aside and let people know you need help.  Laundry, grocery shopping, paperwork, anything – you CANNOT do it all.  A small disclaimer:  it is often very difficult to realize you are in this place.  When you are running back and forth to doctors appointments, hospitals, rehab, wherever, you are there.

2) Have a list ready.  When someone asks you, ‘what can I do to help’, have an answer.  Though, often times when in a situation, especially the death of a spouse or child, you have absolutely no idea what you need/want.

3) Don’t feel guilty for things you didn’t do.  Really, again ~ you aren’t superwoman.

Going forward the things I will do if/when I hear of a friend or loved one that has lost a spouse/child/close friend I will:
(in addition to prayer) send a card, write a note, offer to do laundry, bring a meal, vacuum the living room, mop the floor, clean up dog poop, sit on the floor and organize bills, sit and chat, take them to lunch, make them laugh, I will come sit with you, pray with you, visit the sick, in other words, tangible things.  Depending on the type of relationship I have with the person, I will also – check in on them randomly, force them out of their comfort zone, call them, and most of all, remember that in 2 months, 3 months, whatever, 2 weeks, they still need to know that I care.

Of course, there is the what I won’t do list ~ I won’t:
send a text in abbreviated text form that means nothing, I won’t assume that the person knows what they might need, I won’t ignore them like they have the plague, I will not show up at the hospital, your home, where-ever if I haven’t had any contact with you for years, I won’t assume that they do or do not want to talk about it, be afraid to talk about the person who died. Laughter and memories heal.

I must confess, I wish I didn’t have these lists, but I do.  The reason I haven’t blogged since August 4th, is because within two weeks, I entered what I call my crazy months. 005The reality is, I was already there, but, didn’t recognize it.  I spent the next seven weeks either at the hospital, at rehab, or somewhere in-between as I watched my husband, love of my life, best friend, father of my six children, slip farther and farther away, until on October 20th, 2013 he passed from this life into Eternity.

During those months, and after he passed away, I experienced all of the above.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we (collectively) don’t like the ugly side of life, but, it’s there, like it or not.

I pray my experiences and the small glimpse into my world helps you going forward.  Life does go on, even for those that have lost a spouse, child, best friend, some days it can be paralyzing. I pray I am sensitive enough to recognize that the grieving person needs a hug.

And, with that – I have some cards to write!

Growing in Grace,
Laura Beck
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ANNOUNCING! My very first EVER Give-a-way!

Welcome to my first EVER bliggity-blog give away! I am very VERY excited about this! Having never done one before, I will hold my breath while waiting for the results!

Most of my blogs center around skin care, or better put, safe skin care!  And why wouldn’t I, skin care is truly my passion. 

I am one that believes that the body works together in all ways. In other words, I’m not just a knee or a finger, or hand, or stomach ~ I’m sure you get the picture!

Skin care is my big time, #1 thing – having done the ‘oh, I will make soap’ for a hobby, to ohhhhhhhhh! I just cooked up 500 oz. of soap, 5 pounds of shampoo, 10 pounds of lotion, throw in some whipped body butter and sugar scrubs. To point, I ‘could’ boast that my potions have traveled the seven seas (or airways). To say I did ‘okay’ would be a fair statement.  Of course, that journey brought me to Beautycounter, such a FANTASTIC skin care company – I love it, I don’t have to sterilize bottles anymore, much less clean up after bottling things! Yet, I can still provide my customers fantastic skin care where we make sure our customers KNOW EVERYTHING!

After skin care, I am very concerned about nutrition. Having always been careful about what I fed our family of eight, neighbors thought it was ‘odd’ that we only put out one garbage can a week. In other words, I cooked ‘real’ food, therefore we had very little ‘garbage’.

All systems of our body work together, and while proper nutrition is important, and using safe skin care is very important,  it is also quite important that we ‘work’ our bodies.  Let’s face it, times have changed and we simply don’t move like we used to.  As a result, if there is one ‘right’ way to exercise, there are 100.  In today’s’ economy there are books/tapes/videos on every way to ‘move’ the body, and it seems that everyone written and produced are the ‘right’ way.  By george! it gets overwhelming doesn’t it?

Along with the simple fact we don’t ‘move’ as much, we have also ‘over busyed’ ourselves.  Sometimes that makes exercise ‘hard’ to ‘fit’ into our schedule. (now, we are getting down to the give-a-way!).  A few years ago, I had the privilege of ‘finding’ Lani Muelrath on the internet.   Perhaps she can remember how? I can’t! laniHowever, the honor has been all mine! She truly is an inspiration to many around the world!  She is a ‘real’ person with a ‘real’ story on how she made it to where she is.  I love real people, ya know?  Lani is a very basic gal, her recipes are simple, easy and concise.  I love that.  We are in common in so many ways.  Simple is good!

I was very excited when she revealed to me that she was actually writing a book about her fit quickie exercises! I kept bugging asking her when it would be coming out. fit_quickies_cover_lani_muelrath  I have her video series which has 1-10 fit quickie exercises on them.  You can read more about a few here. 

So, the giveaway?  Her BOOK! Fit Quickes ~ 5-Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts!
These exercises fit into any other type of exercise program you are using.  I love them.  I can quite literally do Stand up Seats while my coffee brews.  Gets the blood flowing in ‘that’ much time.

Fit Quickie 1-10 are explained in great detail, provides many helpful hints, and explains the ‘why and wherefore’ of certain moves and the muscles that are being engaged and worked in short, burst like moves.  What I appreciate about Fit Quickies is that you ‘can’ do them in small bursts.  They in no way replace other cardio exercises, but, I will say this, they do get the blood pumping!  You will want to add them to your daily/weekly routine in no time, and you will find that you ‘can’ do them when time is tight.  Lani has outlined a schedule, suggesting how to group them together to get a longer workout; or you can create your own, which is what I tend to do!

I was pleasantly surprised to find ‘secrets’ in her book!  Which, since they are secrets you will have to get your copy and find out for yourself!  I am really excited about this giveaway, and can’t wait to find out who wins it!

Please click on the link below to enter! Comment below the contact form. Contest runs until 8/10 ~ now is the time!
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As always, I look forward to hearing from you

Growing in Grace,
Laura Beck
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I am ready to BURST!!

This is a totally unplanned, random, and SHORT (blessedly, right?) blog!

I have a giveaway coming up beginning Sunday, Aug. 4th at 6 p.m. EST.,,,,,

Growing in Grace,
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