Scratch the title ~

Yup! That is what I just did!  I had an big ol’ long blog post written out, and just deleted the entire thing!!  Why? Because it was getting simply too wordy to announce a huge shift/change in my life and business! So, without any further adieu ~ I am simply copying/pasting an email I sent out!  A short back story, early in February I was hit with the realization that I needed to return to my passion, which is, and has been for several years skin care.  I LOVE the philosophy on which Arbonne’s principles were founded, yet, I was finding myself stretched far too thin with ‘all’ that they have to offer.  While I firmly believed I was on the right track, I also just began to feel some sort of ‘unsettling’ in my spirit.

I knew that returning to the basement to ‘make my own’ goods wasn’t the answer, yet, I didn’t know what it was.

Early in March I had a conversation with a friend who shared with me a switch she had made.  She had been introduced to a company whose ONLY mission is skin care.afraid  I listened, watched, gleaned, read their ingredients, and policies, learned about the founder, and her mission (which totally mirrored mine), and knew I had found a company that takes the mission that Arbonne had grown in my heart another step further.

As I prayed and pondered I felt this was the right choice for me.  Their ingredients more closely match my basement days, along with their commitment to using essential oils and blends.  Along with that, their price point is in a range that is much more affordable for the average American household.

With that, I want you to know that I have resigned my ID with Arbonne, and have joined Beautycounter.  Please know that this wasn’t a snap decision, but, was one that I know is right.  Please take time to browse my site,My beautycounter site.  On the front page you will find videos on the beginnings of Beautycounter ~ take a minute and watch!

I realize this may come as a shock to some of you, and for that, I apologize.

For anyone that would like more information on Beautycounter, please don’t hesitate to email and ask, I look forward to sharing this amazing product with any of you!

Growing in Grace ~Laura Beck


Do you follow your passion?

I wonder sometimes if many of us even know what our passion is? What defines a passion?  What drives you?  What, outside of your family, makes you feel complete?  What, when it is done, makes you say YES! The pump your fists, shout for joy type of YES! This kind of jump for joy, I did it?

The first person that comes to my mind when I think of someone following their passion is Peter.  Peter, the follower of Christ.  Peter was so amazingly passionate about his love of Christ that he would follow him anywhere ~ even to the point of walking on water.  Yes, Peter had his faults, but, one cannot doubt his passion.  He was a man full of emotion and passion.  I often times feel that Peter is maligned.  When the Bible speaks of Peter walking on water, so often times the focus turns to the fact that when he saw the waves, he became afraid, and began to fall.  While all of that is true, the focus truly should be on the fact that Peter got out of the boat!  He was so passionate about his love for Christ and his trust in Him that he got out of the boat.  How many of us will get out of that boat?

There are a few ladies in my life who I would like to just mention that I know absolutely follow their passion. Please note, I don’t mention them in any particular order ~ they just ‘are’.
Alicia Kuehl Wagner is one of those special ladies.  She is absolutely following her passion.  HEELS coaching is all about Helping Women Stand Tall.  I love her zeal, her zest for life, and her overwhelming desire to give women a ‘HEEL’ up.  Take a few minutes and browse her website.  This is what gives Alicia that BAM! feeling, I did it!  That said, it isn’t about her, it is about those who she helps.

Chautona is another wonderful lady I know who follows her passion.  She loves to write.  Her writing covers many different genres; from books entitled “Shadows and Secrets” which lends itself to a mystic type of place all the way to “Justified Means” which carries an air of mystery, suspense and intrigue.  Of course she has the airier type books also, like the series that starts with the book entitled “Ready or Not”.  Above and beyond her passion for writing is her passion and her love of Christ.  A constant never left out of her writings.

If you follow any of my facebook postings, I often post when Chautona is offering a Kindle give away.

I do realize I said I wasn’t posting about these three wonderful ladies in any particular order, but, I suppose I am.  My friend, as in, well, this picture describes our relationship the best.  Oh, and yes, we have matching coffee cups and pj’s. Though, as with Chautona, D.H. Barbara follows her passion through writing.  Her stories are real, edgy and to the point.  The characters are real, and you get to know them.  Always her writings deliver a message that digs deep, and hits you at the root of your soul. seasons-1 Her first book, “Seasons of  Life” introduces you to people you want to know for the rest of your life.  Her passion for writing comes through, and she knows that the message has been communicated, and she has done her job with comments and reviews that she receives.  Especially comments along the line of ‘this hits too close to home’.

I often blog  about my dear friend, Lani Muelrath.  Her passion is a healthy body in short easy steps.  To me, Lani embodies ‘all things healthy’.  She keeps her exercise program(s) super easy and doable.  You can take them everywhere with you, and can even do them in the airport.  Talk about easy!  Often Lani will post recipes on her blog, and what I love about them is the simplicity!  We are alike in that way.  She likes her recipes simple, easy, yet very yummy!

I know for me, my passion is skin care.  Beyond that, it is educating men and women on SAFE skin care.  I am amazed at the garbage allowed in skin care.  Every time I have a chance, I take the time to educate on safe skin care.  When I can walk away, and people have had that “Ah-Ha” moment, I know that I can say:

I go back to my original question, what makes you say BAM!?! I did it!  I set out to accomplish a goal, following my passion, and I did it!

Perhaps you have never identified your passion ~ I would challenge you to find it.  You may be surprised!

If you would like more information about safe skin care, please email me.  I LOVE what I do!

~Growing in Grace~
Laura Beck

What is in YOUR skin care?

I originally wrote this in March of 2013, but feel compelled to make some updates.
As a nation, we are becoming far more savvy on how we grocery shop. We are educating ourselves on making sure we are eating clean(er), choosing foods that are not 100% chemical, but, are real food, we are looking towards non-GMO foods, organic when we can, etc.
25-healthy-foods-medley-16314809The trend is slowly changing towards your skin care.  SLOWLY, being the operative word.
As Beautycounter grows, we continue to maintain our Mission – Educating families on SAFE skin care practices.  As someone said the other day, Beautycounter has removed the guess-work from your personal care needs.
We have also put our money where our mouth is – in October of 2014, as a company, we were able to donate $25,000 to The Breast Cancer Fund. The Breast Cancer Fund works towards prevention.  Isn’t prevention what we really desire?  Also, our CEO/Founder, Gregg Renfrew was on Capitol Hill. Another facet of our mission is to see the laws that govern personal care change!
Our product line continues to grow, and will continue to do so within the personal care needs.  Our color cosmetics are now available, giving you products that give your face that polished, finished look, but products that you can feel SAFE using – We 3rd party test our colors to ensure that they are free of heavy metals, who else cares about your face that much?
If it has been a while since you’ve looked at Beautycounter, perhaps now would be a good time!

What’s in YOUR wallet is a popular catch phrase right now, isn’t it?  My question to you is what’s in YOUR skin care?  Are you aware that 99% of ALL skin care and cosmetics are made with mineral oils?  Mineral oil in any form are cancer causing agents.

Mineral oils are sneaky little devils, and very hard to detect when reading labels.  Even down to that little tube of lip balm (insert favorite brand here).  That, my friends, is 100% crude oil.  The next time you pull out your tube of lip balm,  remember that, in essence, you are eating crude oil. Can you say ICKK?? parabens

Many products are loaded with parabens.  Parabens are found in 99% of all breast cancer biopsies.  Skin care is full of these nasties.  You can often find these on labels ~ anything ending in –aben is parabens.

I was doing some reading the other day, and ran across a conversation where a young(er) gal was really struggling with breakouts on her face.  Outside of any diet concerns, my concern is multi-faceted.  With the amount of mineral oils in lotions, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, makeup (even the brands that you ‘think’ are safe), it doesn’t surprise me that faces are in bad shape. The reason is, mineral oil based products are occlusive. Simply put, this means they block the skin from being able to breathe.

Therefore, any toxins that need to get out; can’t.  They are trapped, often times causing breakouts.  Not only that,  mineral oils actually draw that moisture out of your skin from the cellular level, thereby leaving your skin without the necessary moisture it needs.

Besides Mineral Oils, another wonderful little addition is animal fats.  Sometimes one has to think that through a little bit, so, let me help you out.  Animal fats are used as filler. Ninety-seven percent of skin care on the market today is filled with animal fats.   Okay, but, where do they get these animal fats from? Rendering facilities.  Rendering facilities are where all the dead animals, dead on road, slaughterhouse leftovers,  euthanized animals, rabid animals are all taken and are quite literally cooked down to process the fat.  Added into this mix are oils from restaurants. This slime is cooked down, and the fat rises to the top,  similar to the effect of boiling your chicken.  The fat that remains is sold to skin care companies.

What is the big deal with that?  Steroids, glutens, flee collars, rabies, decay, hormones,,,, the list goes on.

How does this affect you?  Your skin is your largest organ, and every thing you put on it absorbs into your blood stream in 26 seconds!

This doesn’t just affect the adult, your children also are exposed to these toxins.  Perhaps on some level, these toxins are contributing to all types of childhood issues? Worth investigating. As a matter of fact, I just ran across this article, which backs up some of these concerns.

The three leading causes of our skin looking old is: sun exposure without protection, Using products with mineral oil, and products containing animal fats.

The worst part is, the US manufacturers are not bound by any laws to either not have these ingredients in their products, and are not required to list them on their labels!

Just this morning, I heard that YOUNG women are getting breast cancer in increasingly high numbers, and the cancer is very aggressive. (Young women with breast cancer). I am convinced that the toxins in skin care is a major contributor to this!

It is time we really KNOW EVERYTHING in our skin care. The next time you go out to buy one of these, remember the dangers therein.

However, perhaps it is time that you made a switch?  Let’s face it: we all are taking care of our bodies with creams, shampoo, cleansers,  makeup, right down to your nutritional products., Why not choose products that are formulated with your safety FIRST? That is what Beautycounter is all about.  We believe women (and men) should NEVER have to compromise their health in the name of beauty.

I’m sure that this article is making sense to you!  Let’s talk some more!  Contact me via email, and we can set up a time to chat!

~Growing in Grace,
Laura Beck

Shifting Gears!

No, I didn’t go out and buy the car of my dreams!  It is a beauty though, isn’t it?  1972Truly, what red-blooded girl doesn’t want a 1972, Eggplant Purple, GTO Judge?  Four on the floor, I can hear that engine purrrr, baby, purr.  But, alas, and alack! Today’s blog post isn’t about my dream car.
My blogs focus mainly on healthy living, inside and out.  In my mind, there are very few things more important then being healthy and fit.  I simply love my fit quickie exercises, and if you’ve not tried them out, you really should.  Often times I slip, and just don’t do them, and then I start back in, and am always amazed at how quick and powerful they really are.  Lani produced fast, quick exercises designed for busy women (and men)!  No matter where you are in life, a new mother, a grammie like I am, stay at home, business women, self-employed, those short bursts of exercises do the trick!

Of course, I always do mention pure, safe and beneficial skin care coupled with pure, safe and beneficial wellness, but, again, neither are the focus of todays’ blog post!

What am I talking about? My earring lady.  That is how I refer to her.  She refers to me as, ‘uhoh, here comes Laura with some crazy designs, I need a paper bearring1ag to breathe into’ customer.  Linda (that’s her name) makes fantastic jewelry!  I simply LOVE her earrings.  They are the best!  I mean, really, check these out! Aren’t they just drop dead gorgeous? Look at these hoops! I have an orange pair and a blue/green pair.  Without counting, I can easily say I have twenty pairs of earrings made by Linda. I never really was an earring wearer, until I won a drawing for a gift certificate from her.  The timing of that was earring2a total God thing.  It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.  (sniff, sniff).  Linda has taken my ideas and brought them to reality.  I’ve asked her to match the color of a dress, and she has done so with ease.  (or hyperventilating).  I have sent her pictures of yarn colors for sweaters I have made for me, and she matches those perfectly! Just look at these beauties!
Here is a picture of a few from my personal stash. DSCF0112I must say, that Linda sure has an eye for color.  I send her links to dresses, and she comes up with earrings.  She customizes pretty much anything she has for me.  My ears are sensitive, so she is careful as to which metal closures to use.  I have hired her for color specific pieces for Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc. She also made a set of drinking glass markers for me, customized of course.

I highly recommend you spend sometime on her etsy shop.  However, before I forget, I have a coupon code for you!  On all your purchases you can receive 10% off your entire order! Just use this code: laurabeck when you are ready to check out.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I promise to be back the next time with more thoughts on pure, safe and beneficial health and wellness,

Until next time,
Laura ~ feel free to contact me

Except for Monday ~

which was never good anyway
Tuesday I get a little sideways
Wednesday I feel better just for spite
Thursday and Friday take too long
Before I know it, Saturday’s gone
But it’s Sunday now and you can bet that I’m alright ~ Lorrie Morgan

Okay, Laura – again, what is your point? Perhaps you read one of my blog posts entitled, I wasn’t going to go.  Or, perhaps you didn’t!  I thought I would take a few minutes and just bring it back to memory.  A quick summary of that, is simply ~ what is stopping you?  What is stopping you from (make your own list) exercising; purchasing more healthy groceries; getting more sleep at night; bathe the dog.  Whatever may be on your list.  Do you own your own business?  What drives you?  What keeps you motivated?  How do you get over that slump?

The words to the song above are resonating in my head lately, because they are true, and can be applied to so many areas of our lives!  For me, being my own boss, I have to get over that slump.  Being my own boss means getting past ‘Monday’, which is never good anyway, then Tuesday, I get a little sideways.

Last week I placed business cards in front of me, making decisions as to when I would call each one, reasoned out that ‘Monday’ isn’t a good day, as it is the beginning of the workweek, Tuesday I have x y z to do – therefore, ‘that’ isn’t a good day either, and before I knew it, it was Sunday, and I had accomplished very little.

I really do love what I do.  I 100% enjoy sharing about products that are prepared with YOUR health in mind.  It makes my day to have the opportunity to watch people gather information and see them make changes that can transform their life.  I 100% enjoy sharing with men and women alike, how with small, simple changes can greatly improve their overall well-being.

Honestly, this blog today is simply a reminder for myself.  So, call it a journal if you will.  A reminder to myself that a week can go by and I’ve done nothing to enhance my business,

Yet, I can make a bazillion excuses.  The above statement is so true, when we TRULY want something, NOTHING can stop us.

I love this journey I am traveling!  I love being with a company that believes in TRUTH and transparency in our skin care, and is on a mission to change the industry!

Growing in grace,
Laura Beck ~


Say NO! to GMO’S!

This past week I’ve chatted with a facebook friend about microwaves, Monstanto and most recently, GMO’s.  Define, GMO – okay, Genetically Modified Organism.  Okay, so – big deal. Sadly, it is a big deal.  It is a big deal because there are companies out there that feel ‘shooting up’ our food is ‘good’ for us.

Okay, so – I just literally deleted four paragraphs of goobledeegock.  Seriously.  The bottom line is:

You can google GMO’s and why they are bad for you – you don’t need me to re-iterate all that is available on line.  It is all there ~ I am thrilled that we are watching COUNTRIES say NO! to GMO’S!!
As always, email me ~
Laura Beck