Time to Win ~ Countertime give-away!

Who doesn’t LOVE to win?  Here’s your chance to win a sample set of Beautycounter’s anti-aging line ~ Countertime!
20150221_092447 I would LOVE to send you a sample! Gives you the opportunity to test-drive it, and have a nice addition for your travel needs!

A sample of the Mercedes of skin-care.
A sample that will leave your face hydrated and glowing.
(Now, what woman doesn’t want that?)
A sample of a marine and botanically based anti-aging system.
A sample with proven results, driven by ‘real’ people results, and scientific measurements – for example – 100% of women showed a significant increase in skin hydration.
From a company that carries the most amazing lip sheers around ~ lead free at that!
A company that is committed to NO toxins in your  skin care ~
A company that delivers on it’s promise ~ making  sure you KNOW EVERYTHING about what is in your skin care ~ from your kids’ shampoo to your shave cream, eye cream, body wash, YOUR shampoo, and the most devine hydrate body lotion.  lips

Beautycounters commitment is to progress, not perfection.  We will continually strive to make sure your skin care is safe, checking and re-checking industry standards; checking and re-checking the formulations; checking and re-checking your products before they come to your front door.

How, you may ask, do you enter to WIN the Countertime sample? Simply place an order in any amount via the link on my page LAURA’S BEAUTYCOUNTER. Use the shop tab: – Blog give away when making your purchase, and you will automatically be entered to win.

No surveys to fill out, you don’t have to tweet, pin, blog, post or anything. Of course, feel FREE to share all around! #bloggiveaway. However, you only have until 2/28 to be entered~ Happy shopping!

Growing in Grace ~
Laura B.
Join the Revolution ~ the Counter Revolution!