One year ago this day ~

Yes, I know – today is the 19th, not the 20th.  It is, however, a Sunday.  To be exact, it is this Sunday a year ago, that The Lord chose to call you home.  I will never say you went before your time, never say, The Lord ‘needed’ you – none of that.  It is appointed unto man once to die.  October 2oth, 2013 was your appointment.

I have spent this week thinking much about our life together, spending time thinking about the last week you spent here with us, even though you could not communicate with us verbally, I know you heard us (hard not to, man! we raised one rambunctious group!)

As I survey our children I look at their personalities and marvel at them.

You gave them strength.
You gave them courage.inmyheart
You gave them solid footing.
You gave them wisdom.
You gave them sandy grit and determination.
You gave them passion.

You taught them that giving up was not an option.
You taught them the value of hard work.
You taught them integrity.
You taught them that no one is a stranger.
You taught them that it really is okay to give someone
the shirt off your back, quite literally.
You taught them how to shoot.
And to throw hawks and knives. And to pee in the woods.
(A trick being handed down to the next generation).

As I look back, I marvel how The Lord wove such a tapestry of love and grace throughout our life.  I marvel at how, as two young people, we stood before Him and promised ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives.  Many hills we climbed, many valleys we walked, but, always together, hand in hand. Some marveled at our ‘together’ness and thought it odd.  It was never odd to me.

So many songs pop into my head when I look back ~ we both loved songs together ~
I took your hand and we walked together and we held on to each other
we certainly did fall into a burning ring of fire
you were certainly my carpenter, and I was certainly your lady
and when you were away, we certainly hungered for our next touch.

Yet, these words: I could have missed the pain; But I’d have had to miss the dance ~ ring true.  Watching you slip from this life into the arms of Christ was painful – but, I would NEVER have missed the dance.  The dance that brought into our lives six wonderful children, and 5 amazing grandboys.  The dance that took us to different states, different jobs, different homes, and different countries.  The dance that taught us that HIS GRACE is Amazing –

What began on August 5, 1978 and ended thirty-five years, 2 months and 15 days later on October 20, 2013 what the BEST DANCE I’ve ever had.

And on that day when my strength is failing
The end draws near and my time has come
Still my soul will sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years and then forevermore.

You kept your hand upon the throttle; and your eyes upon the rail ~ You have reached the other shore.


With love ~