Do you follow your passion?

I wonder sometimes if many of us even know what our passion is? What defines a passion?  What drives you?  What, outside of your family, makes you feel complete?  What, when it is done, makes you say YES! The pump your fists, shout for joy type of YES! This kind of jump for joy, I did it?

The first person that comes to my mind when I think of someone following their passion is Peter.  Peter, the follower of Christ.  Peter was so amazingly passionate about his love of Christ that he would follow him anywhere ~ even to the point of walking on water.  Yes, Peter had his faults, but, one cannot doubt his passion.  He was a man full of emotion and passion.  I often times feel that Peter is maligned.  When the Bible speaks of Peter walking on water, so often times the focus turns to the fact that when he saw the waves, he became afraid, and began to fall.  While all of that is true, the focus truly should be on the fact that Peter got out of the boat!  He was so passionate about his love for Christ and his trust in Him that he got out of the boat.  How many of us will get out of that boat?

There are a few ladies in my life who I would like to just mention that I know absolutely follow their passion. Please note, I don’t mention them in any particular order ~ they just ‘are’.
Alicia Kuehl Wagner is one of those special ladies.  She is absolutely following her passion.  HEELS coaching is all about Helping Women Stand Tall.  I love her zeal, her zest for life, and her overwhelming desire to give women a ‘HEEL’ up.  Take a few minutes and browse her website.  This is what gives Alicia that BAM! feeling, I did it!  That said, it isn’t about her, it is about those who she helps.

Chautona is another wonderful lady I know who follows her passion.  She loves to write.  Her writing covers many different genres; from books entitled “Shadows and Secrets” which lends itself to a mystic type of place all the way to “Justified Means” which carries an air of mystery, suspense and intrigue.  Of course she has the airier type books also, like the series that starts with the book entitled “Ready or Not”.  Above and beyond her passion for writing is her passion and her love of Christ.  A constant never left out of her writings.

If you follow any of my facebook postings, I often post when Chautona is offering a Kindle give away.

I do realize I said I wasn’t posting about these three wonderful ladies in any particular order, but, I suppose I am.  My friend, as in, well, this picture describes our relationship the best.  Oh, and yes, we have matching coffee cups and pj’s. Though, as with Chautona, D.H. Barbara follows her passion through writing.  Her stories are real, edgy and to the point.  The characters are real, and you get to know them.  Always her writings deliver a message that digs deep, and hits you at the root of your soul. seasons-1 Her first book, “Seasons of  Life” introduces you to people you want to know for the rest of your life.  Her passion for writing comes through, and she knows that the message has been communicated, and she has done her job with comments and reviews that she receives.  Especially comments along the line of ‘this hits too close to home’.

I often blog  about my dear friend, Lani Muelrath.  Her passion is a healthy body in short easy steps.  To me, Lani embodies ‘all things healthy’.  She keeps her exercise program(s) super easy and doable.  You can take them everywhere with you, and can even do them in the airport.  Talk about easy!  Often Lani will post recipes on her blog, and what I love about them is the simplicity!  We are alike in that way.  She likes her recipes simple, easy, yet very yummy!

I know for me, my passion is skin care.  Beyond that, it is educating men and women on SAFE skin care.  I am amazed at the garbage allowed in skin care.  Every time I have a chance, I take the time to educate on safe skin care.  When I can walk away, and people have had that “Ah-Ha” moment, I know that I can say:

I go back to my original question, what makes you say BAM!?! I did it!  I set out to accomplish a goal, following my passion, and I did it!

Perhaps you have never identified your passion ~ I would challenge you to find it.  You may be surprised!

If you would like more information about safe skin care, please email me.  I LOVE what I do!

~Growing in Grace~
Laura Beck


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