I wasn’t going to go,,,,

really.  Actually, I wasn’t going to make the phone call.  Nope. I wasn’t.  I looked at my week and thought nope.  Not. gonna. do. it.  Whuu?? Laura, you can be so confusing!

On Thursday, my daughter called me with a phone number of a Massage Therapist.  There was an event scheduled for Sunday, from 1-4.  First of all, I seriously work HARD to keep Sundays’ vacant of activity.  It is The Lord’s Day, and I make every effort to honor that.

I made the call.  The Massage Therapist was thrilled to have me join a group of other vendors at her small event.

Okay.  I went.  Before I share the results, let me tell you ‘why’ I went.  My very good friend, Lani Muelrath, posted a comment on her Facebook page the other day ~ it went like this: When ‘you’ stop stopping yourself ‘you’ become unstoppable.

That really hit me between the eyes.  As an example, here is a picture of Lani, (shared with her permission) .  This is a ten + year journey for her. Had she stopped herself, physically she would not be were she is.  Nor would she ever had become the mentor of so many on an international, internet level. Or, of at least one.  Me.  She has truly become an inspiration to me.

I encourage you to click on the link on my side bar to check out her extraordinarily powerful, one of a kind, fit quickie exercises.  I love them.

However, back to my title.  I didn’t want to go.  But, I did.  This is why.  I have a list.  I refuse to call it a bucket list ~ because bucket lists seem to imply something you will do before you die.  While that may be true, I am going there while I’m living, and enjoying life.  As a matter of fact, it is slated for next summer. Where is there?  There is Scotland, more specifically, Stirling Castle.  I shall also roll in the heather upon my visit to the Scottish Highlands.  Bannockburn.  Several places in-between.  However, to accomplish this goal, I must continue to press on with my business.  I absolutely LOVE what I do, but, sometimes, ya know, you get tired, you want a day off.  BUT!!!

When you STOP STOPPING YOURSELF, YOU BECOME UNSTOPPABLE is now forever in my head.

So, I went.  The result?  Business partners coming on next week.  Presentations booked.  Additional Business partners in September.  What if I had STOPPED myself?  Life is good my friends, So, I ask you, are you stopping yourself?  Or, will you become UNSTOPPABLE?

(Disclaimer; typically I have my blogs proofread for grammatical errors, etc., however, today you are treated to ‘shoot it from the hip’ writing!)

Blessings, my friends!
Laura Beck,



Hmm, todays’ brain meanderings ~

Have taken me back to exercise.  As I’ve mentioned before I’m a huge fan of Lani’s series of exercises which she has so succinctly named Fit Quickies .  Recently I added her #9 and #10 into my routine.  Stand up Seat and Leg Plays respectively.

#10 – Leg Plays is simply amazing.  It literally can be done in 3 minutes anywhere.  Simple leg pumps – up and down for a few repetitions.  The airport, standing in line at the grocery store, anywhere.  Rather simple, yet, with proper stance, etc., this baby truly works – amazing muscle stimulator.

#9, Stand up Seat was giving me just a bit of a run for my money.  Because of the positioning of the leg, along with the movement involved, small, short leg pumps was causing my hamstrings to contract.  Can we simply say, OUCH? Not just one leg, but, both.

I’ll try to give you a visual on this – you simply stand on one leg, with the other bent at the knee, and doing small pumps, lifting your heal to your bum.  There is more to it than that, but, there is your visual.

I had a choice to make, chuck it or contact Lani about it ~ which, was, of course, the choice I made.   She suggested I not lift my heal as far before starting the ‘pumps’.  What a wonderful suggestion! I can now do this exercise without any of that awful hammy pull.

All of her Fit Quickie exercises are such great target exercises focusing on small, quick bursts that go deep into the muscle.  Number 10, Leg Plays is quickly becoming my favorite.  Not only does it work deep into the muscle it truly invigorates you to continue on ~ great warm up exercise.

To date, my financial investment in Lani’s Fit Quickies have been the best for my overall exercise routine – you can easily get yours by using the link on my page!  Along with that, she is a terrific cheerleader and coach!

I am always excited to see what Lani has in store for us!

Growing in Grace,
Laura Beck
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