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Back in January I blogged about Being Fit, and shared just a bit about my friend, Lani Muelrath and her marvelous target exercises called Fit Quickies.  Today I’d like to take a few minutes and give a brief description about two of them.  I refer to them as FQ #2 and FQ#3.

Fit Quickie #2 is called Inner Thigh Squeeze and Tease.  It is all about the inner/upper thigh area.  The entire exercise takes only about seven minutes and that includes the stretches at the end.  The reason it is such a power house of a workout is because it isolates the muscle, and overloads it.  Now, I don’t understand all the science behind it, but I do know that I’ve lost an amazing 1.5″ of each of my thighs ~ to me, that is all I need to know.  You can surely feel this exercise working deep into the thigh muscle.  Each time I do these, and Lani suggests ‘several’ times a week, I can feel them working deep into the muscle.  I love the feeling I have knowing that my jeans are looser in that area, and that my muscles are getting healthy ~ at seven minutes a day!

Fit Quickie #3 is called Triceps Triple Play.  On her website for the Fit Quickies, she asks the question, are your arms waving goodbye long after you’ve finished? That cracks me up! Isn’t it the truth though?  Our triceps are in such POOR condition!  Again, the action that makes this work is the isolation and overload of the muscle.  I remember my boys coming in one day and almost giggling at how ‘easy’ this ‘looked’.  So – I said, go ahead, knock yourself out. BOY!! did they sing a different song when they were done!!  I felt SO vindicated.  As with #2 the time commitment? About the same.  With excellent as part of the complete workout.  You simply cannot overload those muscles without a GOOD stretch afterward.  To date I’ve lost 1.5″ on my upper arms also.  All because of this amazing little exercise.

To date, there are ten Fit Quickies.  Not sure what she will come up with next, but, these are just so amazing, they go everywhere with you as you don’t need any exercise equipment, and can be dome almost anywhere.  I highly recommend you check them out! For more information on the entire series click here ~ Lani Muelrath.


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