What did you wear to work today?

I wore my sandals.  I wore my sandals because I can.  Though I don’t ever consider what I do ‘work’.  I like to look at it as educating, I LOVE educating women (and men) about safe,  skin care.    While it is vital to our health to make sure what we put IN our bodies is safe, it is also as important to know that what we are putting ON our bodies is safe. 

That is why, today, I could wear my sandals!  Crazy reasoning, I know, but, since my ‘job’ involves me bringing that education to your home, I can wear my sandals.  As spring approaches, I’m thinking of my wardrobe for this education to you, capris, or a sun dress, depending on the weather, sandals, of course! I love what I do!  Not only is it rewarding in that the information is priceless, the income potential is truly what you want it to be.   I am blessed to be a part of a vibrant, growing skin care company whose focus is on ‘knowing what’s inside’ all of your personal skin care products.

Please take a few minutes and browse my site, and by all means, watch the video –

Growing in Grace,

Laura Beck